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Your roof is probably one of the most important parts of your home because it protects your property and everyone inside from the elements. It’s also a costly thing to repair or replace out of pocket. So, if something goes wrong up there, you’re probably wondering: Does homeowners insurance help pay for a new roof? The short answer? It depends.

Does Homeowners Insurance Help Pay for a New Roof?

In many cases, your homeowners insurance will pay for a new roof if it is damaged by a covered event, like hail, heavy winds, fire, or some other peril specified in your policy. Standard homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for roof replacement if the roof is damaged beyond repair by things like falling objects (like a tree), wind, and the weight of ice or snow.

But your homeowners insurance won’t pay for repairs or replacement if the damage is due to general wear and tear or a peril that isn’t covered by your policy. Some hazards that aren’t covered include flooding and earthquakes. This is because there are specific policies that cover these types of risks.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Under most circumstances, homeowners insurance will pay for roof leaks if the problem was caused by a circumstance that was outside your control and the damage was sudden. If the damage from a leak happened over time, the insurance company will usually deny the claim because the problem isn’t a covered loss.

When you file an insurance claim due to a leak, this can be a challenging process. What might seem like a sudden event to you may be revealed as an issue of lack of maintenance or neglect once the property is inspected by the insurance company.

What Are Some of the Limitations on Roof Insurance Coverage?

Unfortunately, homeowners insurance isn’t going to pay to fix or replace your roof if the problem is due to a lack of maintenance. Also, it would be hard to justify a claim for a roof that has surpassed the end of its useful life.

When you file a roof claim, an inspector will likely be assigned by the insurance company. The age and condition of your roof will play a significant role in whether your insurance will pay for roof replacement. Even with a covered loss, an insurance company might only pay the actual cash value of the roof, which diminishes with time.

Filing a Claim for a New Roof With Your Insurance Company

Fortunately, if you follow the proper steps and deal with a reputable roofing company, you have a better chance of getting your homeowners insurance to pay for your roof replacement. Here are some tips for filing a claim for a new roof:

1. Understand Your Roofing Insurance Coverage

Your first step should be to locate your homeowners insurance policy so you can thoroughly review your coverage. Your policy will list what is covered and what’s excluded. Your Declarations Page will also tell you the deductible amount, which is your out-of-pocket expense on any claims filed.

2. Document the Damage Thoroughly and File Your Claim

If you determine that your roofing issue is covered by your insurance policy, the next step is to document the damage. Take plenty of photos of the inside and outside of your home (wherever there might be damage). Then, file your claim with the insurance company, including your documentation with the report.

3. Hire the Most Reputable Roofing Company to Help

Either before or just after you file your insurance claim, locate a reputable roofing company that will work with you on this process. They should be experienced in dealing with insurance companies and have a strong reputation for quality and customer service.

4. Follow the Insurance Company’s Directions

Every insurance company has its specific procedures for processing roofing claims. Make sure you understand your rights and obligations with respect to your claim. If your claim is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. If it’s approved, you can move forward with your roof replacement plans.

Need a Roof Replacement in the Montgomery, Alabama, Area?

If you have a leaky or damaged roof, this is not something you want to ignore. Your roof plays a vital role in the protection of your home and its occupants, so it’s important that you take care of it to prevent even further damage.

River Region Contracting offers first-class roofing to clients throughout the greater Montgomery area. If you aren’t sure about insurance coverage, let us figure it out for you. We are insurance claims specialists and would be happy to walk you through the claims process.

Our roofing experts have over 30 years in the business. We offer clients a free inspection that includes an estimate for services. Contact us today for more information about our roofing services.

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