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As a property owner, there are numerous parts of your property that will require maintenance or replacement over the years. One of the most important parts of your property is the roof of your home—your roof protects you from the elements, keeps out moisture that can cause damage, and helps to insulate your home, keeping you and your family more comfortable. Whether from natural disasters, such as large storms, or simple wear and tear over the years, there will come a point when your roof is damaged and in need of attention. When that time comes, knowing whether you should choose roofing repairs or invest in a new roof can be confusing. At River Region Contracting, LLC, our roofers can help! Reach out to us directly to learn more about the roofing services we provide and schedule a time for us to inspect your roof and offer a quote. In the meantime, here’s a brief overview of what you should know about roofing repairs vs. replacement—

Signs of a Damaged Roof

Before diving into whether repairs or replacement is the way to go, it’s important to understand what to look for to know whether your roof is damaged and requires professional services. Signs of a damaged roof include:

  • Dark spots and leaks. Do you notice that spots of your roof appear to be darker in color than the surrounding areas? Or have you noticed any leaks within your home? Either case is a sign of water damage, which can be a huge problem if not addressed immediately. 
  • Plant growth. Love all that greenery atop your house? While it may be pretty, if plants are growing, that means that there’s moisture—and lots of it. Take action quickly before the problem progresses. 
  • Missing shingles/bald spots. While a missing shingle here and there may not be a big deal, especially if your home is in a particularly windy area, large swaths of a bald roof are problematic and indicate that your home isn’t as protected as it should be. 
  • Visible shingle or roof damage. If you notice that granules are missing from shingles or that shingles are cracked or folding at the edges, this is a sign that you should have the roof inspected by a professional. You should also have your roof inspected if you notice any other visible damage, such as indentation following a hail storm.

To Replace or Repair?

You should never make a decision about whether to replace or repair your roof until your roof has been inspected by a roofing professional. With that in mind, a few things to consider include:

  • Your roof’s age. If your roof is over 20 years old, chances are that it needs to be replaced. If you choose to go with repairs now instead of replacement, you may find that you need to replace it sooner rather than later anyway. Most roofs are designed to last for between 20 and 25 years. 
  • The extent of the damage. Another thing to think about is the extent of the damage. Small bald spots, for example, may be repaired with targeted shingle replacement. Damage that covers a larger area, on the other hand, may be better addressed by full replacement. 
  • How much you’ve already paid for previous repairs. Is this the first time that you’ve sought repair, or the second, third, fourth…etc.? If you have already spent a lot of money on  repairs, it may be time to move forward with full replacement.
  • Long-term vs. short-term costs. Finally, while replacing a roof is certainly a large upfront expense, consider that you may save more money long-term by avoiding multiple repairs in the near future. 

Get a Quote from River Region Contracting, LLC Today

Keeping your roof in good shape has many benefits. From protecting your property from water damage to helping you keep your heating and cooling bills steady, a good roof goes a long way. If your roof is getting up there in years or is damaged, it’s time to consider roofing repairs or replacement. At River Region Contracting, LLC, our experienced roofing contractors can assess your roof and provide you with a professional recommendation about how to proceed. We offer free roof inspections and will always provide a competitive quote before performing any services.

To learn more about River Region Contracting, LLC, please call us directly or send us a message online. We are experienced roof contractors with a reputation for excellence and great customer reviews. Contact us today for the roofing services you need.

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